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Top 10 WWE Entrance Music of All Time

Top 10 WWE Entrance Music of All Time

The world of wrestling has entertained generation after generation for years! Outside of the in-ring action, one of the most entertaining elements is the entrances.

I want to thank Fred from Industry Decorators for their help with the creation of this top ten list!

TOP 10 Classic Rock Albums

Classic rock is a broad genre of music that creates arguments over where we draw the line. We are going to look at 10 of the greatest classic rock albums ever produced and talk about the influence and success they had.

I want to thank my colleagues Young Wilks and Big Ade, for their help on this list. Also to Patrick of West London Plumbers and LeBron of London House Makers who both helped as well.

Imogen Heap’s ‘Creative Passport’ will change how musicians get paid

Imogen Heap just got paid. It’s only fair. She had appeared in front of a sold-out crowd at the Roundhouse in London.

She had 200 pins in her hair, her five-year-old daughter was asleep under the dressing table, and for a couple of hours she sang songs about life, love and the River Thames.

Taylor Swift turns 30 today – and as she's grown up, so have her fellow millennials

Today feels like a strange day to be talking about a pop star’s birthday. Yet Taylor Swift – who turns 30 today – is not your average pop star. The singer’s trajectory has mapped onto that of a generation that, as it’s grown up, has woken up. Her personal battles – with inclusivity, sexual harassment, big business – have been all of our battles.

The Top 10: Underrated Elton John songs

This list arose from a question asked on Twitter by Ian Leslie: “What’s the best Elton John song?” He added: “There is a correct answer.”

This appealed to me because I have long thought that John’s best-known numbers are a bit middle of the road, but that many of his lesser-known songs are works of genius.

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