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Top 10 WWE Entrance Music of All Time

Top 10 WWE Entrance Music of All Time

The world of wrestling has entertained generation after generation for years! Outside of the in-ring action, one of the most entertaining elements is the entrances. The instantly recognisable sound of your favourite superstar along with the theatrics, fireworks and pyro get the crowd out of their seats like nothing else. We're going to look at the 10 best entrance tunes taking into account the quality of the song as well the reaction from the crowd.

Number 10 - Vince McMahon, No Chance In Hell

What better way to start this list than with the man who started it all. We rarely see the owner and chairman of WWE in the ring, and that's probably for the best because we can all agree that he's no wrestler. One thing he does do well, however, is show off is how arrogant he is, and that's why his entrance theme is perfect.

Number 9 - Hulk Hogan, Real American

Hulk Hogan was everyone's hero throughout the 1980s, especially if you were American. What better lyrics are there to accompany the Hulkster to the squared circle than "I am a real American, fight for the rights of every man." Hogan was the man for over ten years, so it's no surprise that his entrance music led to reactions from the fans like no other back in his time.

Number 8 - Chris Jericho, Break the Walls Down

Something that makes a great wrestling entrance is an unmistakable intro. This definitely applies to Chris Jericho's entrance music with the help of four simple words: "Break the walls down!"

Number 7 - John Cena, The Time is Now

When it comes to recognisable John Cena's entrance music tops the list, a tune that even those who aren't fans of WWE will most likely know. Similar to Hulk Hogan, Cena was the main man at WWE for more than ten years, so you guaranteed to see the fans go wild when his music started.

Number 6 - CM Punk, Cult of Personality

At the height of his career, CM Punk was a fan favourite, known for being one of the best ever with a microphone before his controversial exit from the company. Regardless of anything else, I think we can all agree that Cult of Personality by Living Colour is an absolute tune!

Number 5 - Shinsuke Nakamura - The Rising Sun

Shinsuke Nakamura is probably the least recognisable superstar on this list, but die-hard WWE fans will agree that this mans entrance music is epic! The combination of violins and guitar lead to brilliant tune that everyone will want to sing along to. If you want to understand, then watch his WrestleMania 34 entrance!

Number 4 - Triple H, The Game

When your entrance music is written and performed by Motorhead, it's going to be awesome! Couple that with a fourteen-time world champion, two-time Royal Rumble winning legend of the business and you have something completely incredible. Triple H is known for his entrance theatrics, so it's no surprise that The Game gets the crowd on its feet like nothing else.

Number 3 - The Undertaker, Rest In Peace

The Phenom has been in the business for what seems like an eternity and has continued to excite fans around the world in this time. As soon as the lights drop and the first bell sounds the entire watching audience is captivated, then the epic orchestral music is perfect for the Deadman as he makes his way to the ring.

Number 2 - The Rock, Do You Smell It

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, is possibly the biggest actor in the world right now but before that, he was the biggest star in WWE. When you heard the words "Can you smell, what the rock is cooking?" you knew you were in for a show whether it was The Rock destroying someone with the microphone or in the ring.

Number 1 - Stone Cold Steve Austin, I Won't Do What You Tell Me

When the glass smashed two things happened: the crowd went berserk and the toughest SOB, the Texas Rattlesnake came in and whooped someone's ass! Stone Cold is maybe the most loved wrestler of all time, so it's probably not a surprise that his entrance music creates a buzz in the arena like no one else.

I want to thank Fred from Industry Decorators for their help with the creation of this top ten list!